Types of Espresso Machines Available for Use

Here, we have listed different kinds of espresso machines that can be purchased depending on your budget and needs. Go through the article and select type of coffee machine you need to buy.

1. Steam Driven Machines

These are moderately priced coffee machines. In these machines, steam pressure forces the boiling water through coffee ground to prepare coffee. It can brew just one carafe at moment of time. This type of coffee maker is the best choice to make if you are looking for a cheap coffee maker. Most of its models are available under $70 and these machines can only generate 3 bars of pressure.

2. Manual Espresso Machines

These types of espresso machines cannot maintain the consistent water pressure. So, the user needs to force water through coffee grounds. These are the oldest espresso machine models. Most of you might not find it as a versatile option. Also, the quality of coffee will vary every time. The person needs to be an expert before using this machine as pulling the liver of machine requires expertise. Only the experienced people can master the art of preparing delicious coffee using these types of machine.

3. Semi Automatic Machines

These types of machines are highly popular among a large population. Coffee can be added to the portafilter using your hands. You can control the pump movement using the brew button. Though, you may not find a grinder with these machines, but pulling a nice shot of coffee is really easy. The introduction of electric pumps to the manual machines makes them semi-automatic.

4. Fully Automatic Machines

Automatic machines are for the people who don’t wish to learn process of preparing espresso rather wants to get served a delicious espresso effortlessly. The brewing process can be completed at pre-set levels with electronic controls. These machines are little expensive then semi-automatic machines, but ease out your efforts in preparing espresso coffee.

5. Super Automatic Espresso Machine

As the name suggests, these machines are typically the best espresso machines available on this Earth. Most of these machines are capable of preparing cappuccino and latte along with espresso. The functions are totally automatic and pre programmed. You just need to operate these machines on your fingers effortlessly. You may find built-in grinder associated with the coffee machine.

6. Bar Pressure for Espresso Machine to Be Good

A good coffee machine will be able to generate at least 9-10 bars of pressure. These types of machine will ensure that the brewing is done without any error. Some of the advanced super automatic coffee machines can even generate bar pressure up to 18 bars.

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