The field of data science is revolutionizing the way that an organization works. By providing a proper data analysis, an organization can excel in competition. Career prospects in data science are also flourishing. The post of a data scientist has a great demand by the companies around the world. In this article, we’ll see the benefits that data science provides to government organizations and their job prospects.

Data Science in Public Sector

A huge amount of data is required to be examined by everyday tasks in government organizations. The variety of data that flows in these organizations is not always structured. For this reason, data science plays an important role for government organizations. Moreover, government agencies can save huge amounts of public funds by using the concept of Big Data. Now let’s have a look at the ways data science serves the government organizations:

  • Data science facilitates swift decision making by generating real-time data by using advanced technology. Without data science, it would be very hard for these organizations to take any decision.
  • Tools and technologies provided by data science help in providing better user efficiency within the organizations and better services to the citizens. Thus, data science accelerates the overall productivity of government organizations.
  • Data science helps to provide transparency between citizens and government organizations by allowing free information flow. It also promotes the storage of big data into a centralized location.
  • Elimination of fraud in the financial sector is also made possible through data science. Data science uses big data to remove any kind of discrepancies by minimizing the waste in the organizations and securing the public information.
  • Crime rate and national threats are reduced by performing data science in a security organization. By examining historical data and analyzing patterns present in the real-time data, the crime rate can be easily reduced. Moreover, a terrorist threat can be neutralized effectively with the results obtained from data science.
  • Government hospitals employ data scientist to report any major health issues that needs to be taken care of. Moreover, data science also helps in keeping track of any potential outbreaks or threats.

Career prospects in Data Science

Following are some of the major posts that you can apply by using data science:

  • Business Intelligence Developer: – A BI developer develops strategies for assisting the users to extract information quickly. The obtained information can then be used for taking important decisions. An average salary of $89,333 per annum is offered to BI developers.
  • Data Scientist: – A data scientist is required to handle large volumes of data and analyze it to obtain patterns that could prove beneficial for the organization. An average salary of $139,840 per annum is offered to data scientists.
  • Data Engineer:  The task of a data engineer is to make the captured data usable for data scientists. An average salary of $151,307 is offered to data engineers.
  • Statistician: – A statistician is required to apply statistical techniques that could benefit businesses. An average salary of $93,589 per annum is offered to statisticians.

  Data science is a remarkable discipline to study nowadays. You can work in both governmental and private organizations. Joining the army is not the only option to serve your country. By working as a data scientist, you can help in making your country’s future bright. So, join for a data science course in Houston now!

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